"Internet for the Girls Boarding School" Grant - Rwanda

Dear Salamatu Foundation,


After many months of organizing and waiting, I am pleased to inform you that the grant "Internet for the Girls Boarding School" has been completed.  This school of over 700 female students located in the heart of Rwanda now has access to high speed, fiber optic broadband connection.  And we could not have accomplished this without you!

The installation was completed just in time for the final term of the school year.  By mid-July, we were sending students to the computer lab to research for their core classes of Biology, Physics, Economics, and more.  I have students coming to me daily, asking how to set up email accounts and how to research educational opportunities abroad.  Our teachers are downloading resources they never had access to before, and are using projectors to bring those resources directly to the classroom.  But perhaps the best indication of internet being put to good use comes from the extracurricular efforts of our students.  This past month, over 100 students spent weeks researching for a speech competition on how joining the East Africa Community will impact the development of Rwanda.  They have such a large world open to them now.  They have the internet they need to truly become global citizens and the critical thinkers their country needs to succeed. 

As donors to this project, you have been a critical part of making this project a success.  I and my colleagues hold your foundation in the highest regard, and we hope to make full use of your generous contribution to further your goal of providing resources and training to those who would otherwise not have access.  Generations of teachers and students will benefit from this project, and we all send our heartfelt thanks to you, our donors.  

Attached, please find a note from the headteacher of our boarding school, as well as a few photos from our journey.  Again, thank you for your kind generosity and the work you do in so many developing regions of the world.


Lori Matthews

PCV, Peace Corps Rwanda

Leonora Van Hook